Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Much

It was kind of a low profile weekend. Friday we were invited to Bogeys in which we met 3 more people through Tim and Stephen. After we filled our bellies some of us headed over to a bar called Pranksters Gar and Brill. We will need to go back to this place because their wings smell awesome! I wished we would have eaten there because you get large portions for very little money. This place was another dive bar. I'm actually going to rate it as my #1 pick with Bogey's as second and O'Kelley's as third. O'Kelley's would be second but their hightop tables don't have seat backs (that's a big one for me).

Saturday I slept in until 10:00, I haven't done that in months! Then we got ready to head out to Ace Hardware and Kohl's. We went to the Ace Hardware down about 5 miles from our house at the Sun Lakes location to look for air filters. When we got there it was full of old people outside lining up. They were giving away free hot dogs and pop. You see, Sun Lakes is an age-restricted community and when someone advertises free stuff they take full advantage. Of course we lined up to get in on the action, but they were out of buns. We headed inside to pick up the filters and a toilet seat and headed back out to see if they had more buns in. I went to get my hotdog and tried to snatch one up for J, but some old person grabbed from underneath me! They need to simmer down, it was a hot dog frenzy out there! We made it out alive and then headed to Kohl's to see if J could finally find some shorts. He didn't find any shorts, but found shirts instead. Saturday night we went to Ruby Tuesday for supper.

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