Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ostrich Festival

Every year Chandler hosts the Ostrich Festival. Of course we had to go check this out. It started on Friday and ended Sunday. We went Friday right when it opened. The Ostrich races started at 5, Jousting at 6, Mark Chesnutt at 7 then Foghat at 9. It was a rather entertaining, busy night planned for us. The tickets were only $8 per person. They had alot going on, so we missed a few things like the pig races and sea lion show. I wanted to try out the Ostrich burgers, but they were pricey. We opted for BBQ sandwich's and a caramel funnel cake instead. Mark Chesnutt put on a great show! Foghat was just OK. We were dressed like it was summertime though. The low was in the 50's and we had shorts, t-shirts and sandals on and we were freezing. I couldn't feel my toes! We both agreed that this festival was better than the state fair and this was only a few miles from the house.

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