Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hectic Week

It's been a pretty hectic time for me around here. More of a challenge than hectic I should say. The job has been going well. I've been working and staying busy. That's been fine.

When I took my car into Honda for an oil change, the first time since moving here, they came up with a small list of things that needed to be repaired. Which just frustrates me because I know that I have a lot of miles on the car and that this would happen eventually, but I didn't want it to happen right now. That is how everything happens to me; all at once and in full force. It's something I don't get used to, I just accept it. Well, it's been a pain calling around to see if any other places could do the same thing for less money. Generally, I like to take my car to Honda places since they specialize in them and know what can or can't be done and what's a priority and what's not. The first thing to take care of is the brake pads. Next will be the leaking struts and then someday a new timing belt with water pump. Ultimately, we've decided to take my car to Honda and get the best service and knowledge. It may cost a few bucks more than those other places, but they aren't going to tell me to do something that isn't necessary as some of the places we've visited for an estimate. Honda also has great customer service and a luxurious waiting area.

In the meantime, I've been shopping for car insurance. Since I've moved states apparently you have to get insurance in the state you live in no matter what. I am currently under my parents name which means my premium is discounted and dirt cheap. AZ has the largest auto insurance in the nation. I haven't been able to find insurance cheaper than $549 for 6 months! I just can't believe it. That's how much I've been paying for one whole year. There is one minor problem that is making it a little larger. In 2006 I backed into my parents metal trashcan. I won't get into any details, but there is small claim on my VIN now which raises a flag and won't be erased from my name for another 2 years (5 years total). I have decided to stay under my parents name until the underwriters catch wind that I've moved states. My insurance company was cool with it. Once that happens, then I'll start shopping for insurance all over again. At least now I know what to expect.

I wanted to start going to the gym 4 times a week, but that hasn't been happening. In fact, I haven't been to the gym yet this week. I have been unusually tired the last week or there has been something going on.


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Naw. Getting up at 5:30 every morning and going to bed at 10:30.I'm only getting 7 hours of sleep a night so that means I am lacking 5 hours of sleep! Last week killed me because my schedule was messed up due to training. Anytime there is training I don't have to be to work until 8:00. You'd think an hour wouldn't make a big difference, but it sure did for me.