Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ba ba ba barrraa cuudda!

Our pool vacuum cleaner broke down last week so today J went to buy a new one from Leslie's Pool Supply. He bought the Baracuda. The brand we had was Hayward and they constantly need repairing. We have been getting the pool ready for our first visitors coming in April. We still need to replace the pole to our basketball hoop and will be getting a volleyball net. Lots of pool games to be played! Just need someone to play them with.

The weather has been warming up nicely within the past week getting up in the 80's. This week we will probably see a few days in the 90's. I've been told between now and May the weather is perfect.

It's nice that the price of gas had begun to fall again. We are sitting at $1.87. I never thought I'd ever see it below $2.00 again.

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