Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catch Up

Today was another day of "training" which consisted of Operations Orientation which meant I started at 8 and got to leave at 3! Love those days! When I came home I had a nice little surprise awaiting for me. My Bissell Green Tea Steam Mop! I was so excited to see this awesome machine. The price dropped $10.00, so I thought I'd better snatch it up right away. You can only order this mop online; not sure why they don't sell this in stores anywhere. Probably because it's so awesome that they wouldn't be able to keep it on the shelves :) Naturally I dug into the box right away and wanted to use it. It works really well and only requires water. It comes with two machine washable microfiber pads. I decided against the Swiffer wet jet because it wouldn't get in between the grout lines, I'd have to change the pads a hundred times, buy the chemicals and pads continuously, and it streaks.

Tonight I added larger weight in the Body Pump class. They recommend increasing your weight every 6 weeks. I've come along way since I first started that class it's pretty cool to feel yourself making progress. I'd like to start going to the gym 4 times a week rather than the 3, but it can be hard to get the motivation for that extra day.

J and I will be coming to NE over Easter weekend. Plane tickets have been purchased today. We'll spend a day and half with each family to balance it all out. The trip will be another quick one, but with me having Good Friday off, has made it a lot easier to plan.

Over the weekend my brother announced his engagement. It took us by surprise since we thought he never wanted to get married and has never made any mention of it.

We bought curtains for our living room area two weeks ago, but they just sit and wait for curtain rods to be purchased. It seems that stores never carry enough of the same rod. We need a lot of rods so it makes it difficult to find enough of the same ones, but also finding the correct size and color.

The weather has been perfect for the past week. Upper 70's and low to mid 80's. The 80's are my favorite temperature.

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