Sunday, April 5, 2009


April has come and going very quickly. Last weekend we bought a solar blanket for the pool. This will help raise the temperature about 10 degrees and lengthen the season. We also got rid of the pool guy which means we'd be saving $90/month. J has been learning to care for the pool himself. We also bought a volleyball net for the pool, we're looking forward to using it.

The curtains are almost hung up in the living room and they are looking really sharp. They are helping absorb the echo nicely.

I made it to the gym 4 times last week, which was my goal. I won't make it 4 times this week since I'm coming back to NE on Thursday night, which is the night I usually go to the BodyPump class and I didn't feel like going today, but I'll just make my 3 workouts this week a little harder to make up for it. I still would like to meet my goal weight. I've been a little too laxed about it the last month.

Saturday night we went to the Tempe Music Festival. We saw The All American Rejects and 3 Doors Down. They had a lot of activities to do, other locals bands to watch including the dualing pianos and lots of food vendors. The All American Rejects were really good and entertaining. The joints were being passed and marijuana filled up the air. 3 Doors Down were really good and I wasn't sure what to expect from them actually. They did an encore of 3 songs which included the ever-anticipated "Krytponite". The night was chilly, in the low 50's which meant we were dressed like it was wintertime.

Friday the winds were real strong. You couldn't see the mountains because they were shielded from the dust. I couldn't believe it. I snapped a picture of a mini dust-tornadoish thing from a nearby field. It was pretty incredible that it was so dusty that you couldn't see the mountains, the giant Superstition Mountains! It was just pure whiteness, not brown, white.

It's really the little things that intrigue me.

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