Thursday, April 16, 2009

Windy City

The temperature has been low the past two days. Mid 60's is rather chilly when you're used to 80's. It feels like winter all over again. The wind was 35 mph yesterday and 15 mph today. When the wind blows, everyone allergies acts up and there is so must dust and debris in the air that you can't see the mountains. We can always tell at work when it's real windy out when you can't see the mountains. Since the wind was so high yesterday, our solar blanket blew off the pool. What a hassle that was.

Work has been real busy this week. Partly because tax season and the other part is everyone calling in sick. The stomach flu has been going around, either the kids have them or the adults are getting it. This seems to be going through the whole U.S. since my sister has the same thing going on in her household up in Chicago.
The picture above is from a neighbors yard. I love how some cactus have pretty flowers.

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