Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quick Weekend

Wow, what a weekend it has been! Friday night J and I went to San Tan Honda to test drive a Pontiac Solstice. We found some great prices on some other used vehicles like a Ford Explorer. It really caught our eye and I would love to have it. While I was checking out the Solstice and about to take it for a test drive, J was checking out a Mercedes Benz across from it. When I got back from my test drive J took the Benz for a drive. He attempted to purchase the car, but we had already been there for 3 hours and they didn't arrive at the price he was looking for so we took off and went to check out TeckWoods Tavern up the street. The place was pretty cool. You can throw your peanut shells on the floor and their food selection is huge. I got a Teriaki chicken sandwich with tator tots and J got the buffalo chicken sandwich with seasoned curly fries.

Saturday we got up at 5:30 a.m. to start our garage sale by 6:00. J went to put up the signs and after making coffee I head out to the garage to set up. 6:05 we had our first customer, before J could even make it back from putting the signs up and whiling I was still setting up! It was steady for the next 3 hours. At about 10:00 it started to slow down and at 11:30 we ended it. I decided to pack up most of it and take it to the donation center and I saved a few items to try to sell another time. We made out really well!

We hurried to get ready to check out another Mercedes Benz at a lot in Scottsdale. Um, this place was ghetto! We got out of there pretty quickly and headed over to the Mercedes Benz dealership. We walked around for a while checking out all sorts of Mercedes. a salesman approached and showed us the car we were looking for. After a few minutes of talking about the car, he arrived at a purchase price. After appraising J's trade in, he arrived at the final price. Got it approved by his manager and off we were for a test drive and purchase. J now has a 2007 Mercedes Benz C230 sports,V6 sedan. This car is really sharp and fantastic! He got a great car for under $20k. Later that night we headed to Ruby Tuesday to celebrate.

Sunday felt great to sleep in then it was off to work around the house. I did lots of planting. We went to Mary and Barry's to get a couple of plants they had for us then I was back at home planting them. I had bought two barrel cactus a week ago and was able to get them planted in the front yard. J and I put up the volleyball net in the pool then jumped in to test it out. The pool water was perfect! It was only in the 80's today, but it felt good to get in the pool.

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