Monday, December 8, 2008


What a weekend it was! The Tempe Art Festival on Mill Avenue was a great time. We got there about 1ish and walked around. We ended up getting something to eat at a pizza joint next to the food vendors. A place called Slices. Their slices are very large and tasty and they have some unique toppings I've never seen before; like chicken parmesan. We watched a live band while enjoying our pizza. The art festival was fairly large and it was spaced out well so you're not bumping into people all the time.

After the arts we headed to downtown Chandler for their Parade of Lights and tree lighting. They also had food vendors and some craft vendors along w/ local school bands performing Christmas songs. It defiantly got me in the mood for Christmas. The Chandler Christmas tree consists of tumbleweeds, over 2000 of them layed on top of each other. It is quite the sight to see, LOL. I've never seen a parade of lights or a tree lighting, but it was a nice evening.

Sunday was a cloudy cool day to see the NE boys basketball. We lost to ASU, but we anticipated it. It was a good experience at the arena though. We decided to head to Lowes to purchase a vacuum cleaner. I've been wanting a good one for some time now. Some of you may know, I like to vacuum. I love my shop vac and using it in my car, so naturally I love to vacuum inside the house. I've spent some time researching online and reading reviews. I found one that had no bad reviews at all and it had everything I was looking for: the Eureka Capture, bagless, upright. Vacuum cleaners are so expensive and if you're going to spend that much money on something, it better be worth it. Of course, we got home and I put it to the test. I love it! I would highly recommend this vacuum for anyone looking for a replacement.

To finish my night of vacuuming, I naturally worked up an appetite. J offered to eat at Logans Roadhouse. Yep, it's just like Texas Roadhouse w/ very minor differences. It was a great way to end the weekend.


Shelia said...

Why didn't you get a Dyson pal? I have had mine for almost 2 years and it rocks!!

jess said...

Logans Roadhouses are awesome. I ate at one in Mississippi. Pretty good--we're from the Midwest and instead of experiencing some good ol' Southern food while I was down there we ate slabs of meat. Just like being in NE or IA. LOL