Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Week, Come and Gone

An interesting week it has been. I've had four interviews, one of which included a phone interview. Next week I have another phone interview. I hate these types of interviews. I thought I'd like them, but since I've had my first one, I've decided against them. I never know if the timeframe they give you is the truth. I've been told timeframes, but it doesn't seem to be what they say. My search continues and I'm finding it to be depressing, irritating and disappointing. Even Target doesn't want me and I never interviewed! All I can do is Laugh. Something will come along someday.

To keep light of things my ex-co worker and good friend Susan came to visit. It was refreshing to see a face I knew and to have a friend close by. Even though we only got to spend one day together, it was relaxing to me. Can't wait for her to return in May!

Well, as you may guess, I didn't receive AC/DC tickets :( The concert was Wednesday night. J did look for them, but people were asking outrages prices for them. It's silly how much people ask for tickets that aren't even close to face value and there are actually people who would probably pay for them. I'd rather go on vacation than to spend $400 on a concert. I know they are old, but I have faith that they will be doing another tour in the future.

Tonight J and I stayed in. We rented Step Brothers from the $1 rental and I drank my hot chocolate :) The movie was pretty funny, but I thought they used the F bomb a little too much. It's a rule of mine to see all of Will Ferrel's and Vince Vaughn's movies, along w/ Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson's movies.

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