Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It is the end

Well, today I quit RWB. Why, you ask? It wasn't the waitressing, that part is easy, it wasn't the type of people that come in, they are all nice, it wasn't uncleanliness, it's actually organized and clean. The manager is a bitch. I can tolerate a lot, but disrespect I do not tolerate. Every time I walked in there I feel and sense the tension in that place. The employees were pretty much all college students, very clicky and gossipy; one chick in fact would not talk to me and would always interrupt me while I was asking my trainer questions, because you know her shopping and the lack of guys liking her was more important (rolling eyes). Anyway, no one ever had anything good to say about the manager or the owners. Hence the tension all the time. I could go into detail about how the manager raised her voice to me several times, kept going against her word, never once heard a thank you or a please out of her mouth, was never appreciative of anything, doesn't seem to have an understanding bone in her body, bitched about how no one knew anything the list goes on. I decided that I don't want to surround myself in that atmosphere or be associated with people like that. I'm better than that. Today I turned in my apron and told her the restaurant didn't fit me. I was not happy, I shed many tears last night over it. When you feel that way about a place, it's not worth it. There are better things out there w/ better people and opportunities. I thought finding a job would be easier in a big city, but that doesn't seem to be the case, well, along w/ the lack of jobs. So last night I applied to about 15 places. Today I applied to another 8. Pretty much anything and everything. I'm crossing my fingers for one of the banking jobs though, especially the one down the street (blah that it's only part time, but it's a foot in the door).

On a different note, J and I attended our monthly HOA meeting for the first time. It was interesting and heated. One of the homeowners was sure getting into it with one of the board members. A couple other women had some issues going on in their 'hoods. Made us glad we didn't move on that street! The problems they are having is a parenting issue. The kids are hoodlums. The cops don't seem to do anything about it either, which doesn't put any confidence in the Police department. They spend most of their times looking for speeders and illegals.

Speaking of speeding, you wouldn't believe the amount of money that is spent on catching speeders here. This is not good for my lead foot. There are mobile speed catchers on the sides of the highways and interstate. There are speed catchers at major sections and random streets. What they are is cameras that take your picture if you blow past a red light. They are bright lights too. But if you hold something over your face you can't get a ticket, because the face in the car has to match the plates on the car. Photo enforcement is huge here; there are an additional 100 camera locations that will be active by February. The camera catches 6 seconds of video too, which will capture your activities and you can enter your ticket number online to watch your video! LOL Good stuff!

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Shelia said...

Those cameras have been in CB forever pal....