Monday, December 1, 2008

South Mountain

Yesterday J and I had planned to visit the top of South Mountain. If you hear anyone say they live in SoMo, that's short for South Mountain. It is actually located in Phoenix. We started our voyage at 10:30 a.m. We drove the winding road up the mountain to the overlook. It was a little hazy though, but the view was amazing. After the lookout we headed over to Tempe to check out the main drag where all the college kids hang out. We ate at The Library bar and grill and headed to check out the Tempe Marketplace to see a movie. The marketplace is huge! It holds tons of stores and restaurants. We bought our Four Christmases tickets and walked around a bit and saw the giant Christmas tree. The theater was nice, it has your different flavored popcorn toppers, rocking chairs and very wide aisles so you wouldn't come anywhere close to kicking the chair in front of you with plenty of room to walk through.

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