Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Time for Everything

When I started my job search I posted my resume and filled out my profile for Careerbuilder, Monster and Not once did I get any leads or any response. Instead my inbox filled up w/ junk mail and millions of sales jobs, mostly for insurance. I also applied for many jobs using their web sites and never got a response. Most of these sites want you to pay them to get more exposure to your resume. I don't know anyone who has used these sites for job searching or anyone who got a job from these sites so I don't know if paying to use the service would actually help. If you know someone, let me know. But I don't think these sites work. Thank goodness my job hunt is over for now!

On a lighter note, on Friday J and I tried out another restaurant. After our first workout at Fitness Works we decided to head out to get some food, you guessed it, Mexican food! We tried a place called Si Senor. For $1o you get chips w/ 4 different dipping sauces, a large meal and dessert. This is J's new favorite Mexican restaurant. It is great that dessert is included!

Saturday Uncles B's neighbor, Anne, invited us over for her annual Christmas party. We headed over there about 2:30. It was nice to be surround by people, even if they were all older folks. Makes it seem like I have a bunch of grandmas. Anne made a huge spread of food! It turned out to be another good ol' Saturday. Another weekend full of firsts.

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