Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blue Pool Hues

Today was a much better day. It started off w/ J and I going to Shasta Pool to pick out pool remodeling colors and material. We've had a couple of guys come and give us their sales pitch throughout the week. We also are researching the different types of pool heating. So far we're leaning towards gas, but solar heating is becoming pretty popular. We had a guy come and tell us about solar heating too. We'll see, we might re-do the pool this year, but may wait until next year. The prices drop in the winter months; on the first of January the prices go back up. At least we have our material picked out and ready to go when the time is right.

We spent the afternoon at Mary and Barry's. Barry took me for a ride in his 2005 Corvette; the fourth Corvette he's owned. I would love to get me one of those! During the visit I missed some phone calls I was waiting to get on Friday. One was from DSW and another from Chase. I accepted a part time gig at DSW, it will be low hours, but at least I'll be getting a paycheck and a 30% discount. It should be a fun job. I had to leave a message for Chase, it was after 5 when I got her message so I assume I won't hear back until Monday. It turned out to be a nice little Saturday.

Sunday the weather is going to take a big turn for the worse. It will be the coldest day thusfar; only a high of 61, cloudy all day and a chance of rain. I guess winter is officially here!

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Jess said...

I keep waiting for the blog of all blogs.....when you tell us you have a big rock of an engagement ring!!! lol
Glad to hear you've at least come across some part time work for now. Something is better than nothing at all.