Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23

Yesterday I met w/ the personal trainer. He's supposed to set me up with a meal plan, but he ran out of time yesterday and was supposed to call me today to go over it w/ me. I've yet to hear from him. The meal plan will help me lose my goal weight which he said I should achieve by February 2. We'll see how this goes. Today my arms are sore from doing some weights.

Today was my actual first day of work at DSW. It was a good-easy time. Basically all I have to do is pick up the trash, straighten shoes, ask people if they need a bag, ask them if they want to sign up for the rewards program and if they need help. I'm not sure when I'll be up at the register, but so far it's all been cake walk.

Why do people bring their dogs in the store? I've seen this happen twice here. I don't understand how people have the guts and no brains to bring a dog in a store. They aren't little dogs either; they are big dogs on a leash.

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