Monday, January 18, 2010

Tanning and Coupons

Today I signed up for tanning. I wanted to be sure I have a tan for the wedding (coming up quick!). I've checked out a few other places before deciding on Fahrenheit Tanning. They had Monday Madness special of purchase 2 months get 1 month free, with it only be $49/month for the basic bed, it was the best deal I could find anywhere! I will start my official tanning session tomorrow on my way home from work. I was really impressed with the saleslady. She was very nice, professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Last week I had visited Planet Beach down the street and was overstimulated! The 2 girls in there were so wired and very Valley (and they were probably in their 40's-50's). Their prices are way to expensive, but I decided to sign up for a 1 day free trial which includes every bed and facial steamer there. This place is considered a spa, which means a machine does the work. They have a hydro spa bed for massage and facial steamers for their "facials". I'll at least get to try it out and get a free tan! Even though I have no intention of using their services at least I can get a free water massage :)

Friday I came home from work early. J had gotten sick last weekend and has passed it onto me. I pretty much changed into my sweats and laid on the couch the whole day. We rented a movie and J picked up a great deal from Bashas! They had a deal where you get a large pizza, breadsticks, salad and boneless buffalo wings all for the low price of $11.99! It was all very good. We had a few leftover buffalo wings so I decided for supper on Sunday I'd use the remaining salad and wings to make a buffalo chicken salad. It was just as good as ordering one in a restaurant.

We didn't get out a whole lot this weekend mostly due to me being sick, but we managed to rent 3 movies:
Public Enemies- really good
The Goods- not too bad, several funny lines/parts, lots of famous actors
17 Again- I like teen movies, so I found it funny, light and decent

Last week I also scored some great deals at Target clothing clearance. I got a sweatshirt for $1.92, sweater shirt thing for $4.28 and love it 'cause it's soft and stylish, fleece v-neck long sleeved for $2 something, collard short sleeve polo for $2 something and a few short sleeved collard polo's for $8 a piece (not sure why the gray one was for $2-last years?).

I also have been doing well with the couponing these past few days. Used $20 of coupons in WalMart the total was originally $70, the coupons took it down to $50. I did well at Safeway, .99 cent 18 count eggs. BIGI Tyson chicken strips would have been $3.99 for 2, but used my $1 off and got 2 bags for $2.99, they also had Angel Soft 12 pack TP clearanced out to $4 (unfortunately I didn't get a coupon printed off for that one yet, so I didn't save my .50 cents) so I only spent $8.

It is supposed to rain all week long. Record!

Today's Temperature: 60*

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