Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Storms

It has been raining here all week. In fact the past two days the rain has been coming down all day long, flooding is happening everywhere. Last night Scottsdale had a tornado watch issued. Nothing happened, but they were treating it as a serious event by telling everyone on the news and t.v. weather interruptions on how to prepare for a tornado. They don't even have sirens here or practice their yearly drills like back in the Midwest. The last time a tornado has hit Arizona was 1983 in Mesa. Water pools up in every low spot, wash, ditch, parks etc. because the ground is so hard it doesn't absorb moisture. It's funny to see and hear everyone freak out about the storms we've had the past couple of days. Strong winds, cold temperatures and lots of rain; this was the biggest storm many people have ever experienced in their life and this was just another day in Nebraska to me. The last biggest storm was in 1994.

Tanning has been going well. I did 8 minutes the first two days and yesterday I did 10 minutes which resulted in some pink/redness. I took today off and will continue tomorrow. Wednesday night I did my free trial at Planet Beach. It included a 20 minute hydro massage, 20 minute full body steam thingy (temps reached 118*), tanning bed for 8 minutes and I opted to not do the luminar facial since it required me buying product for it. I loved the full body steam thing and wouldn't mind going in for that every now and then.

J and I have quit the Fitness Works gym. We have moved onto the Tumbleweed Recreational Park. Fitness Work's was getting to be too dirty and going down hill even though it wasn't too old. I do miss two of the instructors though. I've done the Pilates and Yoga class at Tumbleweed and was really sore after the Pilates class. Since it's city ran, it's kept really clean and orderly.

I also received my new phone this week. I had ordered the LG Lotus for free from Sprint online and it was also free shipping and activation. I've been pretty excited about my new modern phone!

Today's Temperature: 56*

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