Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

A new year and a new post! To recap the month of December... J and I saw the Nutcracker for our first time. We saw it at the symphony hall downtown Phoenix and ate beforehand at Mi Amigos. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but enjoyed it. The same week I had taken the 17th off to prepare for the Christmas party. Did lots of baking and cooking including a pork loin cooked in the slow cooker that turned out great! I made a few of my favorite Christmas desserts which some of them were my first time making them on my own. They turned out great, just like mom would make :) The 19th was the big Christmas party. We had a decent turnout of 17, not including us. The majority were our neighbors. They were really thrilled to have been invited and all got a chance to talk and get to know each other more rather than the usual "hello" and wave exchange. This year I'd like to have a BBQ. I had intended to have an end of summer BBQ, but time got away from us and decided to have the Christmas party instead. The rest of my weekend was pretty mellow. I had also taken off that Monday in which J and I saw The Blind Side and had lunch at McDuffy's. Uncle B decided to throw a Christmas party on Christmas day. He had a good turn out as well, with 20 people. Between all of the food and eating habits this past month I have managed to gain weight back from what I had lost. It's really the only time of the year that I like to eat a lot! We've also rented several movies and saw Couples Retreat and Up in the Air. We saw The Hangover and Four Christmases again. We've registered at Bed Bath and Beyond/Target and I just ordered our invitations. I finally tackled that calendar for my parents and if anyone is thinking of doing that be sure to start early as it is very time consuming. I also quickly threw one in for us to have at our house. We went to The Temple in Mesa to see the light display and drove through Ahwatukee to see all the amazing lights and creative light decorating. Had M and B over for the Holiday Bowl to watch Nebraska kick butt against Arizona(0-34)!! Went to the Insight Bowl game compliments of Tony (again) to see Iowa State win by one point against Minnesota (13-14). I decided to take on selling Gold Canyon Candles. Love these candles! Dishwasher was installed and working wonderfully! New disposal installed courtesy of J :)

Everything I just wrote was not in any particular order, but I wanted to throw it all out there. I'm sure I'm missing a few items.

I'm sure this new year will hold just as many adventures as 2009 had. Many more places to explore, honeymoons to take, vows to exchange, vacations to be had, maybe some house hunting or updating. I can't wait to see what this year will have in store for us!!

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Anonymous said...

Honeymoons?! How many times are you getting married this year? :)


Vicki said...

You never know! ;)