Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The tanning has been going well. I've burned in a few places and not in others. I'm trying to decide to cover up the burn parts until it evens out with the rest. At least I still have plenty of time to get even coverage.

The past week J and I have busted out some board games. Have you realized how expensive your favorite board games are now? It's $20 for Connect Four nowadays! Occasionally Target or Walmart will put them on sale for $10. J had a few of his own games, so we played Battleship. This was my first time playing Battleship and now I'm hooked! We were at Target this past weekend and Sorry was on sale for $10 since I've played that one before and enjoy it, I decided to buy it to add to the collection. I would still like to buy Trouble, Jenga and Connect Four. I used to play these three games all the time with my mom or brother. It's good to play these games, keeps your mind moving in a different direction, relieves stress, makes you feel like a kid again! I think J wishes he hadn't showed me Battleship as he'd rather play checkers :)

Last week I took my dress to get altered. Bra pads will be added as well as a bustle. I had no idea there were two ways to bustle! I had to have the cute little old lady show me both ways twice before deciding which way to go. It will be ready for pick up on February 17. I just hope the bra pads will be enough for my chest! Since they don't provide any real support or any sort of push. We will be purchasing our wedding bands very soon. I have a great coupon from Helzberg which expires on February 14 that will help for my band. J will be getting his band from Michaels Creative Jewelry. We found Michaels at the Mercedes Benz event we attended. I accidentally tried on one of their 3 carat diamond rings that was prices at $20k. She was a beauty! :) Anyway, J found some wedding bands in their store that he prefers.

Can't wait for the weekend to come!

Today's Temperature: 60*

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