Thursday, May 14, 2009

This N That

For those of you who like Alice Cooper, you'd like hearing him on the radio. He lives in Phoenix and he does the night time shift on station 93.3. He has a nice radio voice.

Tonight I went to the Body Pump class. I haven't done this in 4 weeks! It felt good to be back and now I am sore. I did a 6 minute run before the class along with a 10 minute walk.

On the weather portion of the news, they mentioned that we have had 9 days of triple digits this year. Compared to the 0 they had last year. The weather has been unusual ever since we moved here. They've had more rain than average, more wind than average and now more heat-earlier than average. Generally, it doesn't really heat up until mid June, early July. Although there have been high temps, I can only say 3 of those days were pretty heated for me.

On the agenda for Friday this week, J and I are going to a symphony. Rogers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma. I've never been to a symphony, but I've been to plenty of plays so I'm pretty excited.

Sunday I have to go in to work for a full day. We are having a clearing conversion on the Canada side and it becomes effective this weekend. Although, I would love to have my 3 day weekend I've been waiting for, I'll be able to take off a different day of my choice. At least I get Monday Victoria Day off!

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