Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heat Wave

It has heated up nicely this week. It was over 100 today, but I never would have guessed it. I thought is was mid 90's. We've spent a lot of time in the pool this past week. Last night we were in it at 7:30 under the stars.

I'm taking tonight off from the gym. I've done 3 straight days of heavy cardio and today I am exhausted.

Have you been shopping lately? Have you paid attention to the fashion that is coming back? I went to Forever 21 last Saturday and Wet Seal. 80's is coming back! They have purple, green, pink jeans, frosted jeans. Plaid shirts, brightly florescent colors, bright-bulky plastic jewelry, jelly sandals, spandex tights; these all are trying to make a comeback. Do you think people are buying it and that it will come back? I still have some of my sisters old 80's jewelry and hair accessories. I loved the 80's music and the fashion. It was kinda bulky and comfy. I like the bright colors too. Although, I didn't buy any of the 80's fashion this time around, I'll wait to see if it truly comes back before I start to rock it.

If you haven't been shopping lately, I encourage you to go. There are so many good deals on clothes right now, it's nuts! NY & Co have been offering buy one get one 50% off, mix and match. That comes in real handy if you like to buy outfits together. I never buy anything unless I have a coupon or it's on sale.

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