Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sedona: Part 3

Sunday was our last day in Sedona. Anne and Vern cooked breakfast then we all headed to the nearby town of Cottonwood. It took about 20 minutes down the mountains to get to Cottonwood. This is a much larger town that includes all the fast food places, Wal Mart and everything you need to get by in a small town. Since Sedona only had 2 fast food places and a couple grocery stores, Cottonwood is the place that Sedona homeowners go to for all their needs. We carried onward up to Jerome. Jerome was a old copper mining town. It's high in elevation compared to Sedona, sitting at 5,200 feet. After the mining had subsided, it became a ghost town until some hippies found it and decided to bring it back to life. It is now ran by hippies which includes many little shops, lots of places to eat and you can do a tour of the old mine. The mine was closed, which surprised us since it was a holiday weekend with lots of out of town visitors, but we proceeded to check out the shops. Jerome is now know as the "America's Most Vertical City" and "Largest Ghost Town in America". It was also known for being a brothel. There are a few plaques with prostitutes pictures on them. Bikers like to go up to Jerome to a famous biker bar and there were a ton of them there! We went up to have an afternoon snack at The Haunted Burger. This old building is supposedly haunted. J and I shared the BBQ burger with fries. It was delicious! After spending most of our day in Jerome we headed on down the steep mountain and back into Sedona to pack up and head back home.

We had a fantastic weekend in Sedona. We saw a lot of great things and did a lot of great things in our short stay. We can't wait to go back someday, whether it be to cool off from Sun Valley or to have a quick weekend getaway.

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