Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Parents Visit

My parents drove all the way to Arizona from Nebraska for our wedding. They arrived on March 19 with mutual friends Tom and Della. The Friday night they arrived we thought it was a good idea for them to relax a couple hours before we headed to grab something to eat. We took them to Red, White and Brew as we always seem to take our guests there on their first night. It was a fairly nice night to sit outside and enjoy listening to the band they had playing inside. Afterwards, we all called it a night because we had some things planned for the next day.

Unfortunately, Saturday held some issues. Their car had a few issues that needed to be addressed and we weren't sure how serious they were unless we took it into the Buick shop. Thinking it would only be an hour, the boys headed to the dealership and I decided to take the girls to the San Tan shopping mall which was next to the car dealership. One hour later, we found out it was going to be another hour. Fine with us, 'cause we were doing good on shopping! Two hours later, found out it was going to be another hour. OK, so I thought Johnny Rockets for a shake was a good idea. Another two hours later, it was finally complete. We ended up meeting back at the house and relaxing the rest of the afternoon. Since our plans were shot we decided to just relax for a few hours and make up for it on Sunday. We decided to take them to South Mountain and just grab Mexican food at Si Senor. That would complete our Saturday.

Sunday, we got going fairly early. Stopped at the Mesa Swap Meet, visited Goldfield Ghost Town (old gold mine town) then headed onto Canyon Lake for the Dolly Steamboat ride in which I had gotten tickets ahead of time for. They loved it all! Especially the boat ride. Afterwards we decided to have supper at the Old Mining Camp restaurant in Apache Junction. We were entertained by a few local old guys dressed up in western gear who one played the guitar and the other guy played the tub and they also told jokes. That concluded our Sunday jam-packed day!

Monday they hung out around the house, glued the ribbon on my veil and then visited Uncle Bill. Once I got home from work it was off to Scottsdale for supper at George and Bev's (Tom's sister). They own a townhome and winter in Scottsdale for a few months. Tom, Bonnie, Ray and Barbara all met us there as well. We enjoyed drinks, BBQ pork sandwiches, pasta salad and Arizona pie. Then Tom and Della stayed with George and Bev for two days and mom and dad went with Ray and Barb to their condo in Surprise. They all arrived back to our house on Wednesday.

Wednesday night we took them to see the landfill park a few miles from our house and then to downtown Chandler. We ate at Keegan's Grill afterwards. We have heard on many occasions that Keegan's Grill was tasty so we opted to try it out for our first time. Generally, if I'm going to take a visitor to a restaurant I like to try it first, but we broke the rule! I'm glad it turned out really good! We'll be going back for sure.

Thursday it was time to leave for Vegas!

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