Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Current Wedding Plans

The next couple of weeks will be extremely busy. I need to up my gym time. I've only been doing Pilates and Yoga once a week and although my body is sore after each workout, I need to get the cardio in. My goal of losing a couple of pounds before the wedding haven't been working out like I wanted. I know that in order to burn fat, cardio is the only answer.

My engagement ring was sent off to be rodium plated along with sizing my wedding band. Once I receive them back this week, the rings are taken care of! J received his wedding band a couple weeks back.

As far as wedding plans, I have the wedding cake left to choose. Our dessert menu includes 2 desserts and a wedding cake! The hotel, chapel, resturant, dress, rings, hair, accessories are complete. J needs to decide on his attire, I need to work on my veil and wear my shoes around to break them in. We submitted our menu selection on Monday. My sister has lined up some things for us too.

My parents are coming down a week before the wedding and they are already making plans with friends that are down here visiting for the winter. We'll have a full house and be on the run for 2 weeks straight. I'm excited for my parents to come down and see what Arizona has to offer them. I'm sure they will enjoy it just as much as I do (as much as they may not want to admit).

J will be traveling to Chicago next week. This is the first work related trip he's been on in 2 years due to budget cutbacks. While he is away, leaving me in this house by myself for the first time, I'll be busy cleaning the house and getting it ready for our guests.

Today's Temperature: 75*

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