Monday, March 8, 2010

Curtains Galaore

It's Monday night, what do you do? Watch the Bachelor wedding? Nope I completely forgot about that! Do laundry, yep, did some of that, dishes, yep, watch T.V., did some of that too. One thing I bet you can't guess I did...ironed curtains. Yep, I have ironed 3 out of 7 curtain panels. When we put these up a year ago I just hung them and thought most of the wrinkles would work themselves out over time. Well, they didn't. I've ironed the 4 curtain panels in the upstairs bedrooms over the weekend and I'm not sure if I should do the dining/sitting room. I am going to buy MORE curtains for our bedroom this week so we shall see if the ironing continues! I'll probably finish the living room/kitchen over the next couple of days. The next major thing is to clean the base boards. They sure get dusty! The entire house is lined with them too.

If the rain ever lets up, I'd like to work on the yard that I've neglected. It rained all day on Sunday and although it didn't rain today, it was cloudy and gloomy the whole day. More rain to come tomorrow :( I really hope this rain stops and the sun comes out over the next 2 weeks!

J purchased a suit over the weekend and I picked up a new comforter. The one I bought a year ago has been a real pain. It makes a lot of noise, too heavy, not breathable, has white patches all over after receiving it back from the dry cleaners. I'm packing it up and sending it back to BBB where they will return it to the brand. Luckily I did not wash or use the two sheet sets it came with. I got a great deal on a reversible comforter with bedskirt and two shams from Dillards. Oh, and 100% cotton is the way to go. Don't buy that foreign fabric, shiny looking stuff.

Today's Temperature 58*

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