Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cake Ordered

The cake has been ordered and I'm so excited about the design! It is going to be awesome! Everything is set up to go, now we just need to show up and have a good time! Presents have started coming to our front door. I wish every holiday or occasion was like that :)

My sister has lined up a limo service to pick up our guests at their hotels and take them to the chapel and then to the restaurant. I'm glad she took that over, I was worried about transportation. She is also working on getting us a Cabana for a day! Maybe I should had her be the wedding coordinator!

My parents will be here next weekend and their schedule is busy! We'll have them busy on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. My uncle will have them busy on Tuesday and part of Wednesday. Thursday they will be able to hang out and relax at the house while J and I head up to Vegas.

I guess there is only 1 thing left to set up...a caretaker for Tory. Since none of the hotels accept pets in Vegas and our usual sitter is coming to the wedding, we'll need to see if someone will be able to watch her for a few days. It shouldn't be too hard since she's very well liked by everyone.

Today was another cold, windy rainy day :(

Today's Temperature: 55*

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