Saturday, March 13, 2010


I see Method in Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and I really didn't know what it was. I didn't know if it was a knock off of another product or just another cleaning product out there to take up space on my shelf. I was reading one of my usual blogs and there was a coupon for Method and a little explanation about the product. The coupon link sent me directly to Method's Website where I learned all about their company and products. I became informed and very interested in their products. I went to Target and found a whole Method section! Mind you, I have a shelf in my laundry room filled with a vast array of cleaning products. I bought a few more, the Method brand. I LOVE them! I bought these: The Multi Surface Cleaner (Pink Grapefruit), Daily Shower Spray, Tub 'N Tile Bathroom Cleaner. On their Website it shows the product as costing $4-$5, but at Target they were $2.99. I love the way they smell, so fresh and clean. I don't cough when I use their bathroom products like I do with other products. They are made up of all natural ingredients. Eventually I'd like to get rid of all the other products that take up my shelf space and only carry the Method brand. Their product works very well. I keep the Multi Surface Cleaner under the sink in the kitchen and spray down the counters, stove, cabinets and the sweet smell of grapefruit lingers nicely.

One last product I bought using the coupon was the laundry soap. It's a pump which is easier to use, no product drip and mess, plus it barely takes up any room on my shelf!

That was my Method preaching to you all! Now go buy some and enjoy!!

Today's Temperature: 73*

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