Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deal of the Day

I can't remember if I've ever bought a brand new purse below $20, but I'll remember it now!  Macy's had a 1 day sale on Saturday.  An additional 30-50% off including clearance.  J was with me, so that meant I only was allowed a few minutes to browse.  Since my strap broke on my faux Coach bag a couple weeks ago, I've been on the look out for a new purse. 

I look for a few things in a purse. The straps have to fit on my shoulders and stay there, I prefer the flat-squarish shape.  I like the bottom to have feet or a flat surface. No magnet, buckle, etc. for closures; I like a zippered closure.  A medium size.  There needs to be two open side pockets inside, one for my car keys/chapstick and one for my cell phone.   I'm not real picky about color.  I usually go with a black because that goes with everything.  I don't mind a brown or tan.   Love to do a fun color like purple.  I haven't had a yellow or a turquoise purse yet, but would love to!

My steal of the day was a Etienne Aigner purse that was marked down from $58.00 and clearanced to $29.00 with the additional 50% off.  I was excited to pay the mere $15, but when she rang it up, it came up to $12.00.!! I'll take that for sure!!!   

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