Monday, June 28, 2010

Carefree & Cave Creek

In May J and I took a road trip.  It's been a while since we've discovered a new Arizona city.  I've been wanting to visit Carefree for a while now.  I've read a lot about the quaint town in the Phoenix magazine we subscribe to.  We took off early in the morning so that we could stop by the Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon in New River to have breakfast.  The breakfast tasted like your typical home cooked.  It's defiantly a biker bar.  It appears as though they take horse shoes seriously though as they have several pits with lights shining down on them!  You know you're in the desert when you see a mouse creep around a corner outside and snatch a fry and run off! Yuck, I can't believe I saw that! I despise mice!!  The service was great and the food was too.  On ward we made our way through the town of New River.  Home of the Shangri La Ranch.  This is a nudist RV park. Of course I got curious since I've never seen one and made J drive down to it.  It was gated, I guess you have to call ahead of time to get a code.  We couldn't see anything beyond the gates.  So we kept on making our way to Cave Creek.  It's very small so it was hard to tell where it started and ended, same goes for Carefree.  Both towns offer lots of unique restaurants with unique shops.  We had to stop at the famous Town Dump and The Horny Toad.  I could spend a ton of time and money at the Town Dump, but J wouldn't let me :(  We stopped to grab something small from The Horny Toad.  I had to try the bbq sandwich since they smoke their meat.  It was really tender and tasty.  J had a burger and enjoyed it just as well.  We didn't get it because we were full enough, but they served my favorite dessert.  Strawberry Shortcake and it was a beast!  It could feed four people.  We want to go back to Harolds Corral and Buffalo Chips Saloon to check out their night entertainment.  They are both country bar and grills and they have live bands at night along with real bull riding!   We defiantly want to go back to visit for a afternoon into the night.  It's not too far from the house, so it's do-able anytime.

 Carefree also houses the largest sundial. It's cool!

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