Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Past Weekend

Happy September 1st! I can't believe August is over, summer is over, well, most of the summer for me anyway. Since summer seems like it lasts until November, then fall comes in December-January; that's when I notice the trees and plants change color. I've been slacking in the blogging department lately. Lots to write about!

Last Saturday, temperature 114*, I took Mary to Scottsdale. She had never been and I wanted to check out some consignments stores and was looking for shoes for wedding day. We started out downtown poked around lots of little stores, southwestern stores mostly. Up a few blocks to 5th avenue, I found the consignment store called Back to the Rack. I was also in need of a new purse. I spent about 10 minutes deciding between two, appeared to have never been used, leather, in great shape, Gucci purses. At less than $100.00 I bought a Gucci, black, medium sized, leather purse with separate compartments. It had the cell phone and key pocket, which is a must for my purse requirements. We ate lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant called Frank and Lupe's Old Mexican restaurant. The place is so small, it has about 15 tables total, but the food is excellent. We continued on for more shopping at the Biltmore Fashion Park. It's right outside of Scottsdale, classified as Phoenix. I found my shoes at the Macy's there! It was time to wrap up our day and there is no better way to end a day of hard shopping like stopping at the Sugar Bowl for ice cream! We bellied up to the bar, Mary ordered the Tin Roof Sundae and I opted for the Desireme Banana Split. Holy Cow! This was awesome!! We have decided that anytime we come to Scottsdale, the day needs to end at the Sugar Bowl. J was golfing all day in Queen Creek so I decided to bring home a couple slices of homemade apple pie (one for me later) for his snack.

Saturday night we hung out at home and I rented 'Then She Found Me' with Helen Hunt, a so-so movie, not a big deal to see. Friday night we rented 'Valkyrie', a must watch!

Sunday I had a few things I needed to finish shopping for. I stopped at TJ Maxx and bought a pair of black, Bandolino peep-toe dress shoes for only $10.00! That wasn't on m list, but was a nice find ;)

I'm still enjoying my current read!

Today's temperature 107*

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SnoWhite said...

sounds like you had a nice weekend.

In regards to your toaster oven question...., my hubby grew up with one, and thus we registered for it when we got married. Since then, I've enjoyed it more and more during the summer months.

We typically use it for the regular toasting, but often make garlic/cheese bread, toasted sandwiches or warm up pizza in it which we couldn't do in a regular toaster.

I've roasted a few veggies in it, but really haven't done much else with it. Ours came with a small baking pan, but that's really the only thing that fits in our toaster oven from my collection.

I find that I use it more for other things in the summer, but in the winter I don't venture to do much other than toasting sandwiches/toast, etc.

Let me know if you have other questions.