Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Once again, not in the writing mood. But it's September 10th now and a lot has been going on. I'll start with last Friday. Friday I took Jason out for his Saturday birthday dinner. He chose Texas Roadhouse, which is always a great place to go, not to mention, my favorite restaurant. Before we went, I let him open 1 of his gifts. He's very eager about opening gifts and if it was his choice he'd want a gift for everyday for at least a week working up to his birthday. He had a steak and I had the ribs.

Saturday was Game Day and Jason's birthday. An honor for Jason since his favorite thing in the world landed on his birthday. I had ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from Basha's grocery store and picked it up that morning. He opened the rest of his presents and we broke into the cake. Then it was time to get ready for the game. We left at 2 for the 4:00 kickoff. We thought getting to Skip and Jan's an hour and half early that there would be plenty of seats. We found the last two chairs with a guy who was there by himself. It was nice to met a new NE fan, someone who I'm sure will be our football watching friend now. He just might be more obsessed with NE football than Jason. After the game ended we ate Mexican food at Si Senor.

We had it planned to visit Tombstone on Sunday. We left the house around 8 and arrived there at 10:30. It took us the full 2 and half hours to get there and we had to go through some rainy spots on the way. We were hoping it wasn't raining in Tombstone because you spend the whole time outside. It was forecasted to get rain the entire weekend. When we saddled up in Tombstone, it was chilly and cloudy. I had a sweater on along with my tank top, shorts and flip flops! The temps were in the 70's. We found ourselves in the old Oriental Saloon and a new friend named Sue. She gave us some history about the Saloon and the famous bar and bartender from the old west times. She then asked if I wanted a coffee, so we walked up to the general store to get "the best coffee in town". At 89 cents a cup, she even bought it for me. We chatted a bit while she poured 3 coffees for her work friends. I helped carry coffee back down to the Saloon and we chatted more. She was my new Tombstone friend! We decided to make our way on to the attractions and by noon, the sun was out, my sweater was off and the town was very busy! We ate at the Crystal Palace for lunch, went to the OK Corral gun fight show, the Boothill cemetery and checked out many little shops. It is defiantly a place you can spend a whole day as we didn't leave until after 4:00.

It was nice to have Monday off to just have a day to do nothing and that is pretty much what I did.

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