Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carefree Lifestyle

Have I said how much I'm digging the Yoga class? Back when I was going to hair school and when I worked in a spa, I was a little bit hippie. Although I didn't dress hippie, I was totally into incense, astrology, zen, reiki, massage, Chinese symbols, drinking tons of water and eating very healthy, taking vitamins, low maintenance, Wild Oats stores, herbs and remedies. Now that I've gotten out of that business and into the corporate world, I've changed my lifestyle and have gained weight, stress, inpatient, less focus on myself, loss memory, bad drinking and eating habits etc. Damn this corporate world! I crave my tranquility back, along with the body. A lot of my changes had to do with growing up and adapting to this technical world. J never knew me back then and how different of a person I was back then and I'm not sure he'd understand. I lived the free-style life and try to keep some of that alive in me now. I'm more of the carefree- see what happens-last minute, laid back, sorta plan type of person. J is the opposite. I over think certain things, but I hate thinking. Work has been stressful for me for the past month, finding the Yoga class has taught me to stop stressing, over thinking and to ground myself again. If you find yourself in these situations, remember to ground yourself. There will always be a tomorrow.

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Nancy said...

Hi there,
I changed my lifestyle 16 months ago by exercising regularly and eating healthier and I've never felt better in my life. I'm almost 50, and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and I feel good, too. So I know what you're talkin' about! I hope the yoga provides a stress free life for you. Good luck!