Friday, July 15, 2011

Sesame Street

Is it bad that I let my son watch TV?  It's not like he's watching violent shows anyway.  He loves to watch Sesame Street.  In fact he's watching it while I type this.  But once it's over he's done, he doesn't like Curious George that follows. 

I grew up on Sesame Street and I still love it, even though it's not the same as before.  It's still educational and catchy.  I hope it's still around when Jackson is a little older and they do the Sesame Street tour so that I can take him.  Man, I guess I am a Mom...I'm already looking forward to taking him to kid stuff!  :) 

He also loves to watch Golf and Baseball with his daddy.  I suppose it has a little to do with the neon green grass that is showed in high def, but he still loves to sit on your lap and watch it! 

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