Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I need to get back to my restaurant reviews and "outings".  Although the majority of our outings are to the grocery store, a familiar restaurant or Target, there are places we aspire to visit. 

I started checking out Groupons more often now.  I signed up for Groupon years ago when it first came along, but never got into the craze of it.  Now I am addicted and be sure to check my emails everyday for the days latest deal.  So far I've only bought 4, two of which were for Jason and golf.  The other two are for pizza places.  Pizza, imagine that...pizza, we LOVE pizza! 

We used our first pizza Groupon this past weekend.  A place in Gilbert called Nicantoni's.  We took Jackson for his 3 month pictures at JCPenny and decided to hit up the restaurant afterward.  It was around 3:00 p.m. when we arrived.  No one there of course.  It's in a strip mall and doesn't look like a very busy-classy place.  I figure the hole in the wall places usually end up with good food, my kind of places!  The decor was interesting and had a bit of a hippie feel.  Some sort of writings all over, band member pictures on the wall. Tables decorated with band, or American themes.  A couch at the front.  I don't know why people think a couch is cool to have in a bar or restaurant.  A regular couch, nothing special about it, nothing classy about it.  Negative for me.  We decided to order cokes, garlic bread-Sicily style and a regular pepperoni pizza.  Sicily style for the bread was...add cheese.  French bread with some seasonings and a slice of mozzarella cheese on top.  The bread was over cooked.  I couldn't even bite it off.  Negative #2 for me.  Of course Jackson just had to have a diaper blowout while we were there.  Off to the bathroom we went.  No diaper changing station, on the floor we go.  Good thing I have a diaper changing mat!  Jackson stuck out his lower lip and started to cry.  I think he was scared because it was dark in there and the fan was loud and deep sounding.  We managed to get it over with and outta that dark pit!  It's a pizza place, not a club!  Part of why it was dark in there was because the walls were painted black.  On to the pizza...It came out about 10 minutes after I got back to the booth.  I was feeding Jackson, so I only had one arm available to eat with.  I had to use a fork to cut the pizza since it was so hot and fresh from the oven.  The cheap fork wouldn't cut through the extreme thin crust pizza.  Negative #3.  I hate cheap silverware.  The pizza was decent, nothing to boast about.  For a large pizza it was $11, the Cokes were a cheap $1.25 and the garlic bread was about $2.50.  I bought the Groupon for $8 and it was worth $16.  I guess if we had water instead and no garlic bread the Groupon would have been more worth it.  But we ended up saving maybe only $5 with it all said and done.  Not sure it was worth the buy. 

Here's to hoping the next pizza Groupon is more worthwhile!               

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