Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

This last weekend was a laid back one.  Friday night we ate at Flordinos.  We tried the pizza muffins for our first time and we ordered our usual. J gets the all meat calzone and I love their baked spaghetti.  The calzones are huge!  J has yet to finish it in one sitting (surprising!). 

Saturday afternoon we went to the movie theater to see Grown Ups.  It had been a while since we had been to the theater.  Grown Ups was ok, more of a rent than a theater movie.  Afterwards we went to Helzberg to drop off my rings.  I am finally getting them sautered together.  After months of the wedding band spinning around my finger it was time to make them into one .  Clarks was the next stop.  J needed some nice sturdy flip flops.  After wearing nothing but sandals/flip flops for the past 2 years it starts to take a toll on the feet.  Time to stop buying the cheap $2.50 ones (they are cheap for a reason!) and start buying a sandal with support and cushion to save your feet/heels/back.  Later that night we decided to use our gift card to Applebees. 

Sunday we hung around the house, did some pool time and grocery shopping.  The weekend was pretty hot as the temps have been hanging around 110*115* the past couple of weeks.      


Today's Temp: 105*

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