Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Drunken Lass

For the Fourth of July J and I headed 2 hours north to Prescott.  My favorite bar was The Drunken Lass.
We visited it 3 times in our 2 days there!  When we were bored with another bar we said, lets go to the Drunken Lass.  They have live bands all day long! Cheap shots, cheap beer and friendly-quality bartending.  Our first time there we had their special shot of AIDS (American Independence Day Shot) and drank $1.75 PBR's on tap.  We met some locals and chatted it up with the bartender Joe.  You know you're a regular when a bartender named Joe says "Welcome back" (we were just a couple of regular Joe's ourselves!).  The bar even comes complete with dog treats for your best friend.  The community of Prescott is very dog friendly.  Nothing like taking your best bud in the bar with you to throw back a few!  The bands were fun and different than your typical honky tonk bands.  Most of the bands there were one man with guitar.  Making up their own songs, drinking beer, taking shots and having a good ol' time.  The Lass was my favorite because it felt like your hometown bar where everyone knows your name (Cheers song...) It was very laid back and had a good "Irish" vibe.  Definitely worth your time!

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