Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Name Change

It's been over a month now since I have officially changed my last name.  Boy, it sure is a lot of work!  You start off by changing your name at the Social Security office then change your Drivers License.  That takes care of the big items then onto the small items...  Changing my name at work (I finally did my badge today!) took a couple of days.  Changing beneficiaries, credit cards, car title, car insurance, bank accounts, vet and doctors office name, passport (this is next!) and I'm sure there's more.  I still don't haven't tackled all of those items, but I'm working on them.     

The one thing that is probably the biggest pain is email address.  I've used the same address for a long long time and I get a ton of stuff!  Slowly changing my email and sorting out what really interests me is how I've decided to tackle it. 

I never really thought much about losing my last name or that it's a big deal to change it.  I just knew that I would do it when I married.  I got asked so many times if I was going to change my last name.  It got annoying and made me think it's sad that is a question in people's minds and that society has brought that to their minds. 

I may have lost my last name that I held for 28 years, but I have gained a new name with a new responsibilities.           



Anonymous said...

Why do you have to change your home email address? I never changed mine. Guess I didn't see the point.


Vicki said...

A couple of reasons. 1)my email address has my maiden name in it, to be consistant I'm changing it. 2) New name is shorter,easier to spell and easier to remember. I know I've sent emails to you using your married last name and they didn't go through. Do you plan on keeping the email address name for the lifetime of your marriage? I have a new last name, everyone knows me by that now- a new identity!