Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Today held such a busy day! I didn't get up until 9ish, so I achieved my wanting to sleep in! I finally left for Ikea around 11:30ish. When I pulled in I was like "crap it's busy". The place opens at 10 and is always busy no matter when you go. I grabbed the few items I went there for and got out pretty quickly. I left pissed off because I was so tired of the rude people in there.

The afternoon was the busiest. I watched the other rental, Old Dogs. I thought it was funny and is worth seeing. I washed up all of my Friday night purchases at BBB. Threw in a few loads of laundry. Walked Tory. Went back to BBB to return a too small comforter for our spare bedroom. Headed to Dillard's to find a comforter in the correct size and it was on sale! I was ready to go home and watch the third movie ( I can't even remember the name of it, it was that bad. I didn't finish it. It had Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver in it).

I took the movies back and decided to try out a new place for supper. I tried out Los Favoritos Taco Shop. I was real leery about it when I got in because the employees spoke little English. I asked the lady in front of me who did a call in order, if it was good. Her eyes lit up and said it was very good and that her husband craved that place. They keep a menu in their car and do call in orders. I ordered the #5, 2 beef tacos (I opted for shredded beef instead) with rice and beans. Got my order to go and headed home to try it out. The place had steady business. I had to wait in line to place my order and there were more behind me to place theirs. The place is really small, so I assume most people get their orders to go. Taco shops are supposed to be small anyway, right? I got home and dug in. It was really good. The beans and rice weren't your typical. These were authentic. The tacos are great! They don't have tomatoes on them, so that makes it way easier for me to order (I always do no tomatoes). The Mexican restaurants we go to around here are all pretty much authentic anyway, but they all do rice a little different. This place had the best rice of all.

The day was beautiful! A slight breeze, upper 70's, low 80's. It was perfect! The weather really made me want to buy a bicycle. That will be my next purchase. There is something about a bicycle that makes you feel free. Maybe it's the wind that blows on your face. As a kid I biked all over town! I'd be out on my bike for hours upon hours. Bike back and forth to friends houses or just go out and bike.

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