Thursday, April 22, 2010

All About J

Tonight I went with J for his HOA certificate presentation. Before the wedding he attended a 6 week HOA (Home Owners Association) class. Since this is our fist time living in an HOA community it struck his interest to learn more about HOA's. The certificate presentation was held at the City of Chandler council meeting. This was our first time attending a council meeting. They start out with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance. When was the last time you said the pledge of allegiance? Do you remember saying it every morning in grade school?! It's sad that the pledge is never said anymore. We didn't stay for the council meeting since those things can go on all night, so we bailed after he received his certificate and headed to Dilly's Deli for supper. This was our third time hitting up Dilly's. It's a tasty sandwich shop actually owned by one of the city's council members.

In addition, J is running to be a board member for our community-Cooper Commons. The election is in May, so he's starting to get literature printed so he can start going door to door to get votes. We'll be busy for the next couple of weeks!

J is going to see his mother this weekend in NE. I'm staying home and Tory and I will be doing some bonding and girl time! That means, she's getting a hair cut and bath from her mommy!

I can't believe the weather has gone from cold to hot and back to cold-rainy all in one week! I'm so ready for the cold and rain to be gone! Bring on the hot desert weather we moved here for!!

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keysergoings said...

The public schools here still say the pledge. Both girls say it every day.