Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Update

I have been writing on my baby blog that I keep private, so I haven't been updating this blog much at all. 

Crib is in place, playpen is put together, monitor bought, dresser and nightstand bought and in place, crib mattress just arrived today, crib bedding set to come this week, bouncer coming this week too. Next big purchase is the car seat and stoller. We love the Chicco. The Graco's are so flimsy and crappy feeling.  The Chicco is a bit expensive, but hey, it should get a ton of use with this baby and the next.  Plus safety and stability is important.  I bought a Bumbo chair with tray for $30 at  Once Upon a Child (second hand children's store) and a boppy with the cover (looks never used!) for $14.  I bought several clothing items and a couple of blankets at garage sales. You can't beat paying a quarter for a onesie that was never worn!  Or a quarter for a blanket never used. 

The sickness finally wore off at 17 weeks.  I still take my prescription everyday for the acid reflux (Gerd) and take Zantac once or twice a day on top of that.  This acid reflux stuff is the pits!  I don't know how people live with this stuff every single day.  I sure hope it goes away after birth! 

I can't believe I'm 22 weeks and only have 4 more months to go!  I can't believe I made it this far either.  Those four months were miserable.  The hardest thing ever!  Now my belly won't stop growing and my appetite is off the roof!  I can barely bend over since my stomach is as hard as a rock!  I'm still tired and a lot of days I'm short of breath. 

At our last ultrasound the doctor said I have a low laying placenta.  I have to go back in for another ultrasound in December so they can monitor it. They said it should start to move up when I gain more weight.  I hope it works out so that I don't have to have a C-section.            


Anonymous said...

If you do have c-section I can promise it's not bad at all, recovery is a breeze and if you do tell your doctor you want a JP tube to help with draining.

Vicki said...

JP tube?

Anonymous said...

Jackson Pratt tube, they sit under the incision a couple days and drain any fluid build up. I seriously never used pain meds at all.