Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Grocery Store Finds

Albertsons had 1 lb. packs of strawberries for a $1, Swiss Miss hot chocolate for .88, Sara Lee bread for $1.37, Simply Orange $1.99!! I couldn't believe how good of a deal these were! I bought 3 packs of strawberries last Friday and made strawberry shortcake for the United Way trivia night at work. That was a hit! 2 loafs of bread, went straight into the freezer. Today I decided to go back for more strawberries and Simply Orange, but they were out of orange juice, so I opted for more bread and strawberries. The strawberries will be cut up and I'm going to make another strawberry pie and use them for smoothies. When you run across good deals like this, stock up!

I forgot to mention I had my very first dental appointment in Arizona last week. It was rather long at an hour and 45 minutes, but they did a very thorough job. Well, I had to go back today for a cavity fill. I didn't even know I had one, but it showed up on one of the 18 x-rays they took! Yep, 18 x-rays. I've never had so many pictures of my mouth before. They used the pen to take digital pictures too. I've already set my appointment for my 6 month checkup. I need to get back on the 6 month program.

This week is countdown to Chicago. We're leaving Saturday morning and won't return until Wednesday night.

Yesterday after work I stopped at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for their happy hour special. Buy one get one free. It's a really good deal to get a free smoothie from them. I opted for dessert this time in which I haven't had yet. I went with the peanut butter cup smoothie. Boy was it tasty! It tasted smooth like it was ice cream and chocolate, you wouldn't even know that it was ice. I'm normally a blimey limey person, but this one hit the spot. I recommend that when you're having a bad day, make it Tropical Smoothie Day! That's what I do :)

Today's temperature: 84*

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